Friday, March 24, 2017

BOJ Kuroda: BOJ won't raise yield target

On ForexLive a good summary of Kuroda's speach. Main takeaways:

- BOJ won't raise yield target in response to rises in overseas long-term rate rises
- BOJ reviewed its policy framework several times but no change to our stance of aiming to hit 2 pct inflation at earliest date possible
- If Japan inflation accelerates sharply in the future, BOJ may consider adjusting its yield target
- Don't know if inflation will hit 2% during my current term that ends in April next year
- See no need to change now either -0.1 pct short-term rate target, 10-yr jgb target of around zero pct

He is clear that the inflation is the key driver of the monetary policy. National Core CPI y/y:

JPY sees some bids after the news but the impact is muted and price stays bellow a major resistance that was broken a few days ago.

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