About this blog

I've been trading the markets since 2008 and I had my ups and downs, halts and restarts. I enjoy the intellectual and mental challenge that trading has to offer. Documenting my thoughts about the market has gradually become part of my daily trading routine. I did it for myself regularly. I just had an idea to publish it on a blog. I thought it would make me more disciplined and focused. So I write it pretty much for myself rather trying to attract audience, this blog serves as my trading journal. 

In principle I'm a discretionary technical trader watching the price action bar by bar. I don't use indicators very much other than moving averages for dynamic support and resistance. Although, understanding the fundamentals and the market sentiment is very important for me. It gives me a great deal of confidence what is very important in trading. I allocate my equity among a few stategies.

I don't focus on the language in this blog as I simple don't have time for that, especially when the markets are open. I try to come straight to the point. I'm I great believer of visualization, so time to time I just drop a chart and a quick note about something I find important or interesting.
I don't intend to provide a broad market coverage. Time to time I pick up themes and ideas where I sense some opportunity. This blog is more about the ideas underpin my trading rather about the actual trades and setups.

Trading is a hard work despite that many would think otherwise. Therefore, time to time a have longer breaks sometimes months to recreate when I don't post anything on this blog.