Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week Ahead 9

Indices continued the recovery last week leaving the correction lows well behind. NQ was the strongest marching to the level that broke before the correction. It seems that the 7k high is the only meaningful resistance ahead.

DAX was the weakest, it could retrace less than 50% of the selloff.

SP500 should break a resistance before facing the all time high as the next target.

The 10y US yield peaked at 2.27%, the 10y at 2.95%. The German US yield spread is at -2.77% new low.

Commodities also exhibited a strong recovery, mainly driven by strong oil.

Gold seems to seek direction despite the rising inflationary pressure in the US. 

Gold miners are near of confluence of support levels.

USD Index made a triple bottom but could not retest the break of the 3 years range.

The weakest last week was the NZD. 
It broke the 0.7300 level though the follow through was not particularly impressive.

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