Monday, December 11, 2017

Week Ahead 51

The SP500 bull trend is still very strong, it didn't even retest the previous breakout before making a new swing higher low.

DAX is trading in a range bellow the 13.5k high. 

The US 2Y yield is making new highs trading above the 1.8% level. 

It sent early last week both the US 10Y and the German 2Y spreads to US 2Y to new lows. We saw a bit of bounce back by the end of the week.

In general commodities exhibit bearish reversal signs.

Agriculturals are close to previous low.

Glold had broken an important resistance around 1206 and now heading to 1200 level maybe before retesting the previous resistance.

USD was recovering and it is now in the middle of a range.

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