Thursday, December 21, 2017

25 things to improve next year

1. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable in trading. The best trades are the most difficult to make.
2. You have to have an edge that you can explain to your mother.
3. Making money is important and not being right.
4. Profit is the objective, but not the sole measure of trading quality especially when drawdowns are taken into account.
5. Maintain your mindset after a row of losing trades.
6. Trade aggressively when you do well and modestly otherwise.
7. Don't only watch the markets be participant even if with very small position size.
8. Stop thinking about the market being cheap or expensive.
9. Be very flexible in changing your opinion if market tells you so.
10. There will be opportunities every day. 
11. Prices very often lead the news. 
12. Trade the reaction but not the news.
13. Be patient with winning trades and enormously inpatient with loosing trades.
14. One or two trade in a month make up the profit, but you must do the rest to be able to do these winners.
15. Try to keep your charts as naked as possible focusing on the support and resistance zones.
16. Try to anticipate the right side of the chart and do not be bogged down in the left side.
17. Study chart to figure out where traders are lining up to buy or sell and where people are stopped out.
18. Before entering into a trade you must know exactly where (Profit Target) or how  (Trailing Stop) you will exit. 
19. Don't try to pick tops and bottoms.
20. Stop loss must be wide enough to absorb the chart noise.
21. Be patient with entries to improve payoffs.
22. Improve self talk. Talk as a trading coach talks to a novice trader. This should improve responsibility and help detach from thinking about money.
23. Focus on making a lot of small profits rather to find the big trade.
24. Focus on fine tuning the daily and weekly routines and tasks, define each task in details and also their timing.
25. Don't even think to fight the trend, fight the sideways only!

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